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Our Little Red Schoolhouse
Todders (two to three years old)
Our Explorers are given opportunities to learn through discovery and imaginative play.  Students learn about social interactions such as how to share and collaborate with others.  This is done through centers and morning circle time.  
Our Little Red Schoolhouse Services
The educational programs at Our Little Red Schoolhouse were created with our children's needs in mind; to mature and develop in a safe yet stimulating environment.  Take a look below to learn more about each program
Preschoolers    (three to four years old)
​Our preschoolers are learning independence through self-help skills. They are also starting academics through the Frog Street Curriculum.  Frog Street Three's enhances literacy development by offering a formal introduction to the alphabet.  It also creates a "social bridge" as three-year olds begin to join in play with others and it lays the cornerstones for understanding foundational math concepts.  
If you have question about day to day activities or the curriculum, simply get in touch with one of our directors to set up a visit.