At Our Little Red Schoolhouse, we immerse students in a dynamic learning experience, igniting a lifelong passion for knowledge. We believe in partnering with parents to create positive impacts in children’s daily lives.

Our curriculum offers a rich bilingual learning environment steeped in both language enrichment and Christian values, tailored for children from 12 months to kindergarten. Each classroom adheres to a structured daily schedule, and we maintain an open-door policy, inviting parents to visit at any time.

Nurturing Bilingual Excellence

With Frogstreet, our chosen curriculum, we provide a comprehensive and immersive bilingual learning experience for your child. Our approach cultivates essential skills and solidifies moral character, setting the stage for lifelong success. Professionally illustrated textbooks, engaging teaching aids, hands-on activities, purposeful repetition, and integrated subject concepts all contribute to a well-rounded education. Additionally, daily Bible stories anchor our curriculum.

Parents often commend us on the robust educational foundation their children gain at Our Little Red Schoolhouse. With our carefully crafted curriculum, your child is not just learning; they’re embarking on a journey toward success.