Cultivating curiosity and a love for learning

Our Little Red Schoolhouse preschool program revolves around curiosity and exploration. We understand that young minds act as sponges, eager to soak up knowledge and experiences. Our dedicated teachers expertly guide children through engaging activities that foster cognitive, social, and emotional growth. Your child will cultivate a deep love for learning in our inviting and stimulating preschool environment.

Preschool Teachers at Our Little Red Schoolhouse will:

  • Create a stimulating and inclusive space for your child to thrive
  • Offer a range of age-appropriate activities to promote learning and creativity
  • Support academic achievement and provide assistance with early learning skills
  • Foster positive social interactions and peer relationships
  • Collaborate with parents to ensure your child’s well-being and progress
  • Provide regular updates on your child’s accomplishments and milestones during the program

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